Olon Reece Miller
Olon Reece Miller # 02216905
Terrell Unit
1300 FM 655
Rosharon   TX   77583   USA
My name is Olon Reece Miller.  I was born in 1967.  I’m 5’10½, weigh 190.  My hair is dark brown, my eyes are blue.  I’m affectionate, passionate and easy going.  I love to laugh, cut-up and have fun.  Puppies, kids and parents love me.  I have 3 years done on a 10 year sentence for manufacture and delivery.  I should make my next parole in November 2021.

I would love to meet someone I can get to know for friends or more.  I’d like someone that is quick to laugh, spontaneous, adventurous and passionate about life, but also ready to snuggle up with a movie.

I love my family.  My Mom is my hero.  I have two kids, two grandkids, one sister, three nieces and a nephew and we’re all very close and do family stuff together.  I’m an open book.  I have no secrets and nothing to hide, so please feel free to ask me anything you want to know.  Also, you can tell me everything, even your secrets.  I want to get to know you, your personality, character, wants, needs and desires.

I grew up North of Houston, Texas.  I love living in the country with the close convenience of the city.

After three years, I’ve gotten bored and lonely and I would like someone to help me pass the time.  I’ve got a heart of gold and a lot to offer, not to mention I clean up real nice.  I’m single and I would like to meet you.  I’m looking for that connection that you just can’t get with family.  It could be you that I’m looking for.  So, write me and let’s see what happens, either for fun or something serious.

Olon Reece Miller # 02216905

Women, Men, Friends
Manufacture, Delivery
Release Date
Anytime Between Now and 01/2028
Ad Start: 04-08-21
Ad Expiration:  04-08-22