Daniel Northcutt
Hey everyone, how's it going, thank you for making a quick pitstop and taking the time to check out my ad! D

I hope ya'll like what you see, and look forward to meeting you and making a connection.

Here some things about me, I hope I don't bore you to death, and I hope soon to read some things about you!

My name is Daniel, but I prefer to go by Danny. I was born in California, and lived there until I was 14, in both Anaheim Hills and Tehachipi, a small mountain community outside of Bakersfield. After that time period, I moved with my family first to Fort Worth, TX and a few years later, Dallas, TX. I have been lucky enough to have been to many states in the US, including North Carolina, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico,, and Colorado, and I love to travel, I have not been anywhere outside the US except Canada, but I would like to someday travel around the world, to like South America and Europe.

I love the outdoors. Sorry that I never was a videogame kinda guy, ha ha. You could easily catch me drinking a beer out fishing, on hikes or camping. I also love animals, especially dogs, many times I would take home a dog I would find on the streets. I also have a hobby. I enjoy with fish aquariums, they are fun and relaxing to watch. Or maybe I'm just weird like that. Among other things I like poker games, parties, beaches, fitness, tattoos and other types of artwork.

Yes, I am in prison, and prison is no fun but I try to make the most of it. Things I like to do, besides write to people, are things like chess, dominoes and dice games, get new tattoos, and work out. I also love to read, my favorite type of books are true crime, urban, and Western books.

Since of course it's going to come up, I got 17 years for a fistfight I was in which unfortunately resulted in the death of the individual I was fighting. We were both drunk, and it was a freak accident that I had no idea would end up the way it did, but know to make wiser decisions in the future. I feel it's better to put it all out there now, I have nothing to hide.

Me-I'm 5'10", white, have blonde hair that sometimes is streaked with brown, and bright blue eyes. I have alot of tattoos, and will have a lot more. I weigh around 160, and that's more than I usually weigh because I have taken a more intense workout, and fitness routines. I speak with a little bit of a southern accent.

I guess lastly, a little bit extra info-I love energy drinks, motorcycles, pit bulls, bacon and guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches (you haven't lived until you had 1) UFC. Fights, and like rap and hip-hop music. How about you?

I look forward to hearing from you, whoever you are! Just know we all have flaws just the same as we all have strengths, and I'm not judgmental, I'm pretty much an open book, and am no filter. If you send any form of correspondence outside of a written letter (like a Jay) please be sure to include your address. I also love pictures!

Thank you for your time, XOXO

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