Jason Van Hooser
Jason Van Hooser # 02162919
Daniel Unit
938 South FM 1673
Snyder   TX   79549   USA

I'm Jason and I would love to be your pen-pal.

I'm 48,170 lbs. 5’7”  with brown hair. I have lots of tattoos, both arms, chest & my stomach, I am working on getting more.  I have a 20 year sentence for evading arrest in a motor vehicle & I come up for parole in 2027.  I have been locked up since 2017 and I have not heard from anyone at all since my time began.

I'm pretty much doing this time alone. Alone-is very lonely!!!  I have nobody to talk to except other prisoners, that gets very old.  I love to hunt, fish & everything else outdoors you can imagine.  I'm into heavy metal music & a lot of country.  I pretty much spend my time reading fantasy & thriller books!  I wish George R.R. Martin would finish the Game of Thrones Series!!!
I'm looking for someone to correspond with so I can share my story &  learn yours…

I'm a very good listener, I am a bad boy but, don’t get it twisted, I have taste and I’m always a gentleman.  I'm just so tired of doing this time & and not getting any mail from anyone. Surely SOMEONE out there cares,.....It's not like I was this terrible guy out there and nobody likes me. I have friends, they're just too busy doing what they do & don't write.

So, I’m really hoping that I find someone who Likes to write as much as I do.
I will keep it honest with you, I'm really excited about this…..

So, I Hope to hear from you ASAP..
Take & come find me!!!!

Evading Arrest in Motor Vehicle
Release Date
2028 - 2037
Ad Start: 02-24-22
Ad Expiration:  02-24-23