Ja'Bari Lewis
To:  All writers

Hello and greetings to you. I hope you've been doing your best to stay safe & strong during this pandemic.

I used to look down on Pen Pals. But with me changing in life; I became more mature and open to things. And with my positivity this should work.

Honesty and being genuine all it really takes is carrying out a friendship that will last with a person doing time. Be loyal to me and you have a friend for life. 🙂

I have a 20 year sentence and I'm really hoping to meet a loyal friend or 2 that can help me through this.

Ask whatever. I’m very blunt and honest. What you ask will not offend me. Just be straight forward and expect the same.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone; I want to be able to bring better days, laughs and as many smiles as possible.

Also I would like to remind writers that will send email(s) through JPay, please include the correct sending address when you first reach out. That's if you are looking forward to a response from me. 😉LOL…you knew that right???.....

Life is too short wishing what could've been. Do NOT sit around wishing and waiting. Find out what's in store for you in the future. Don't be afraid to write I don't bite…LOL

Well, I won't keep you from writing me any longer. It's time I bury this bone and wait inside my dawg house.

Hopefully this is seen with high spirits and good vibes. be blessed, stay safe & smile.

Always - Ja'Bari Lewis

P.S.  My nickname is JB.
I LEAVE IN PEACE.  To the fellow outsiders…..LOL!

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