Leonard Patrick
First and foremost I want to take this time to get to know someone maybe plant a seed and see what it grows into.

What I'm looking for is simple; loyalty, friendship, and understanding. I must first be a good friend before I can be a good man, that's what I follow then to just grab a rose and get poked by its thorns.

Well I'm 25 years old and from Houston, TX. I'm very strong-minded and loyal at heart. I'm a family guy, love kids, beaches, thrill parks and just having fun living life. I like sports and reading self-help and urban novel books.

I want to meet someone whose mind is on growth, someone who wants to build a friendship to wear it so strong that no individual, circumstance or situation can ever break or destroy, let alone divide and conquer. No human is perfect I always say I can handle the truth. I will not handle lies. So if I hear from someone just be yourself. Everyone starts somewhere so why not start by being yourself.

I'm in love and very entune with tattoos that goes to say I'm covered in them. I'm very straightforward and easy to talk to. I guess cause I'm not judgmental. So if you're interested in being a friend write me. Life is already based on taking chances so give me a chance to prove who I am as a man. If I hear from someone remember to leave your address so I can get back to you.

Thanks for viewing my profile.

God bless…

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