Zadrien Mayfield
What's up Queens, 

My name is Zadrien Mayfield but my friends and family call me  Zay. Let me tell you some things about me that I hope will catch your attention. First off, let me start off by saying I have a five-year-old son who is a cancer survivor. He is my pride and joy. I am big on sports, mainly football and basketball. I love music. I love to learn new things.

I am looking for somebody that I can be there for me mentally and emotionally. I want to be somebody's strength when they are feeling weak. If I can be a blessing upon somebody's life I will be truly grateful.

I'm exercising self-discipline, patience and forgiveness. One thing I learned about life is that it's always going to be adversity, so embrace it and find peace with it. It's a reason and a blessing in every situation you face. Just keep a positive mindset at all. The sun always comes out after it storms.

My dreams are to own a couple of businesses. I also want to promote parties. That's a little something about me. If you want to know more, you can write me. Please be sure to leave your full address, so I can write you back. Remember your opportunities are endless! Focus and believe!

I added to photos of me as well. Hopefully you don't think I'm ugly. LOL. May peace and prosperity be with you throughout the journey of your life.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Zadrien Mayfield  # 02070828
TL Roach Unit
15845 FM 164  
Childress, TX 79201 USA
Women, Friends
African American
Aggravated Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-02-20
Ad Expiration:07-02-21