Javonte Sanders # 02070356
Polunsky Unit
372 FM 350 S
Livingston   TX   77351   USA
Javonte Sanders
Allow me to introduce myself! As you can see, my name is (Javonte Sanders), though all my friends call me Teezy & I’m hoping/looking to meet a new friend or Pen Pal to write too & share positive insight  with here on “PPP!”

More bout me…I’m 27 years young, 5’4'' Ft. short & weigh 155 lbs. I’m NATIVE-AFRICAN AMERICAN, NO KIDS! “I’m from (Marshall, TX) a small town, but I got bigger dreams!”
I’ve been incarcerated since 2014 , though momentarily, I’m still currently held in a Texas (TDCJ) prison down here in Livingston, TX.

I’d still consider myself a pretty cool guy, who likes to have fun & make people laugh…I love experiencing new people, places & things…As well as I do learning; therefore, I can maybe teach the “misguided!” a thing or two on the proper way to live/act accordingly, allowing them to learn directly from the personal experiences of my past mistakes.

I’m the same kind-hearted & free spirited person that I once was as a free man, which I do plan to be again one day soon.

I very well enjoy fitness therefore I exercise regularly because being in a situation such as the one I’m currently in, taking care of myself mentally, physically, emotionally & even spiritually is vital & very important in every big part of my life. I like to spend my time productively reading, listening, thinking, planning, writing & studying the word…you know? Learning more about life in itself. I’m very open-minded therefore it’s much much more to me than what meets the eye on the surface level, I’m not perfect though I am human “A human who's thankful for his struggles cause without them, he’d have never stumbled across his strengths!”

Growing up I've made a few bad choices, due to my lifestyle, which indirectly led me here unintentionally; like the man that I am! I’m now facing the consequences of my allegedly committed crimes, therefore I ask you NOT to judge a book (you haven't read!) by its cover & I’m sure that you’ll find that I’m full of surprises, “ Expect the unexpected!” Cause I was once told (the element of surprise lay upon he who's doing the surprising!). In other words, long story-short, I'm a great listener who is very overstanding so hopefully my words can encourage you to whom this may concern to write me.

Personally I don't believe in coincidences, though I do believe in Christ, so there’s no telling who God is preparing me to meet in due time, therefore if you NEED someone to talk too bout whatever problems your personally dealing with…contact me (via-Jpay), Please don’t forget to send a return address for correspondence!”

God gives his toughest battles, to his strongest soldiers, tough times don’t last…Though tough people do! With that being said I’m hoping for the best while preparing for whatever If you're interested in getting to know me!?!

Women, Friends
African American, Native American
1st Degree Murder
Serving A Life Sentence
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