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Hello, my name is Nicholas O’Neal, “as I’m pretty sure you can see” but everybody calls me Nick. I’m 28 years old, born in Lake Charles, LA, raised around Fort Worth area.  I’m a proud father of a 5 yr old lil girl that is truly a gift and light from God.  I am currently in prison for man/def 41200 grams.  But please understand I picked up all charges and crimes before I knew I was going to be a father (not saying anything bad about others because all makes mistakes) but I was railroaded by the system and given 30 years for 6.7 grams of cocaine.  I truly know and believe now by what I know today and if I had a lawyer that fought for me and cared about my future or families’ future I would not be here today or have anywhere near 30 yrs.  I also know everything happens for a reason and I hate that my daughter has had to grow up with me incarcerated for her whole life!!!   But, I thank GOD for this becoming the confident, hard-working man I am today.

I would like 2 meet open-minded, fun loving people or person I can learn from and help escape this place thru pictures and mail and build and grow.  Something about me is I love art (probably why I’m tatted completely head to toe, with good work) I write music and love music, like to learn about other cultures and people and love to read and learn everything!!  I love to work out as it helps me with stress, loneliness and heartache.  But another reason is I like how healthy I feel now and one day I hope I can help people feel as good or better than me upon release.  I really and truly love to help people, if I can and will listen and be here for people that are with me.  I consider myself to be a loyal person and unless they switched on me, never switched on them.   Everyday I’m locked up, as soon as I wake up I’m building by working out, leaning, elevating myself in some way.  I love how people get the wrong impression of me by being tatted up and the things I’ve done and been thru in my life.  But when they get to know me they see the saying is true ”You can’t judge a book by its cover”.

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