Robert Ruiz
Hi, hello, and how you doing?!

Let's go your mouse for just a second and allow me to entertain your curiosity. I don't know too much about these sites but I'm open to anything that helps people connect and meet each other, no matter the distance.

My name is Robert & I got on this site to find the kind of woman that is looking to find a good friend and maybe something more.

I'm a Sagittarius male that knows what I want out of life and how to get it. My dream girl is someone that can be herself still feel sexy. If we were in person, I would use the most worn-out pickup line on you just to put a smile on your face.

I'm 40 already, but people tell me I can pass for 30. Age really isn't an issue for me, your words and thoughts are what will take my attention from this place. These astrology books I read tell me that Aquarius is the perfect partner for me, but who is really perfect, right? Which your sun sign say about you?

When you got on this site, what were you hoping to find? Do you believe that some people were meant to find each other? So many questions go unanswered because they are never asked! Maybe you are looking for the same thing I am?

Sometimes, you just got to get out there on a limb if you want to see further than what's at arms reach. Pinky and the brain, La Bamba, and Coming to America are things that make me laugh and cry! What makes you LYAO?

Look, click reply, and hit me up. What if right? Let's see!

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Robert Ruiz # 02040455
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Beeville, TX 78102 USA
Hispanic, Native American
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