Andre Felder
Andre Felder # 02037947
Robertson Unit
12071 FM 3522
Abilene   TX   79601   USA
Hi, I'm more than happy that you took the time to visit my profile. I'm looking forward to being penpals with you. Well here's a few things about me. My name is Andre and I'm from Houston, TX  USA. I'm 25 years old. I stand at a height of 5’ 11, weigh about 148 lbs, athletic build. I have tattoos everywhere. I'm Native American & black brown eyes, dark brown hair. My Religion:  I’m Muslim praise to Allah.

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, reading, writing, working out, basketball, and writing music. Things I would like to do are camping, hiking, bike riding, fish & horseback riding.

I'm currently in prison for 2 counts of aggravated robbery. I was sentenced to 18 years on both charges to be run concurrent. I've done 6 1/2 years now. I'm a very decent person. I am attentive. I have great conversation skills. I'm also caring to one's feelings.

Well no more on me, more focus on you. I wanna know all there is about a person like you bring me into your world. I want to travel through your mind. Let's be connected to each other mentally, spiritually &  emotionally.

I want your emotions to be my emotions. I'll be your human diary secrets that will never get told. I want your pain to be mine. I'll be that shoulder you can lean on &  cry to. I'll always be there to hear your voice whenever you need to talk. I want us to build a friendship that never breaks nor bend a bond that lasts like a lifetime &  maybe we become something more. A friend is only a stranger you haven't met yet. Let's change that status from strangers to friends and give me the opportunity to always be there for you. I’m more than welcome to be that person.

Yours Truly, Andre Please send your name &  address for a response. I do receive JPay.

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Native American
Aggravated Robbery
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