Type of ad - Personal / Basic

Ad Start Date 04-14-16 Ad Expiration Date 04-14-17

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Sex - Male

DOB - 07/15/90

Seeking - Women

Race - Hispanic

Religion - Christian

Convicted Of - Aggravated Robbery

Release Date - 2025

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Whoever is interesting I'm Latino, 25 years old.I'm 5'10" and weigh 200 solid.

I like to work out, trying to stay sexy if you know what I mean. really I'm on here to see if I could find a friend and maybe one day end up something more than that if God says the same.

No worries about being older. If I feel the love and connection that's all that matters to me so don't be shy. You never know what could happen.

I'm interested to see what the world has to offer. Just looking for a caring heart and open ears. Honestly, I feel forgotten about and looking for love. I'm a real gentleman but time makes people float out of your life if you know what I mean.

Well if you're interested and want to know more than write my address.

Jorge Sitler # 02011842
Gib Lewis Unit
777 FM 3497
Woodville, TX 75990 USA

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