Trovoy Jones # 01992733
Wainwright Unit
2665 Prison Road 1
Lovelady   TX   75851   USA
Trovoy Jones
Greetings with respect.  Hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

If you're looking to chop it up passing time, my desk is cleared.

Please understand though, I have 75 years I am only looking for friendship.  I've been locked up 10 years with 20 more to go before eligible for parole If I can't get it this time back.

I'm  charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon.

Please don't believe everything you watch on First 48 or from the media, changing subjects, I am fun, loving, you and easy-going and like to have fun with  loved ones and friends.

Now hope to leave you laughing.

Billy's first grade class is having a quiz about fruit.

The teacher asked what's orange and grows on trees??  Billy's hand is raised but she call on another boy. He asked is it an orange??........ Teacher says yes I like the way you think.

What's red and green and grows on trees?  Billy waves his hand around but she call a girl. She says is it an apple?  Teacher say, yes I like the way you think.

Billy jumping around waving his hand.  The teacher says what is it Billy?  He say since we ask questions can I ask one???  Teacher says go ahead.  Billy stands up pushes his hands down his front pocket dizzying and says what's round, shiny and has a head on it. She tell Billy to go to the office. I won't stand for such behavior.  Billy says now it's just a quarter but I like the way you think.

Trovoy Jones Sr.

Legal Help
African American
Aggravated Assault, Deadly Weapon
Serving A Life Sentence
2044 Short Way
2089 Long Way
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Ad Expiration: 01-20-2023