Trovoy Jones # 01992733
Wainwright Unit
2665 Prison Road 1
Lovelady   TX   75851   USA
Trovoy Jones
May peace be upon you. I use this phrase because I know how important these days it is to protect one's peace. But only after the loss of my own to those who hearts likewise allowed infectious people to destroy their precious peace of mind for whatever reasons. Life, love and  friendship has taught me the greatest way to protect one's peace is a full understanding of what love and friendship is not before what is. Sad thing is like so many of us in life. It has taken a life changing tragedy for me to discover finally the cause of my life long broken peace. I never knew there was a wrong way to love somebody or at the same time protect my piece. Let us begin by what friendship and love is not.

Not possessiveness or making another person into our own image

It is not dependency which can turn burdensome

Not unconditional self-sacrifice, which can cause resentment even hatred

Admiration is not love, which is superficial.

Jealousy is not love, but selfless emotions.

Perfect friendship and love is not sexual, makes no uncompromising demands, imposes no force obliagations, criticize, abusive, hope always for the best, faithful.

A friend is one with whom our sorrows are halved and our joys doubled, Agape, spiritual for which all establish unified peace!

I offer you to share in the wisdom of a man doing 75 years imprisonment, but has discovered how to still maintain PEACE! Where others suffer hopelessness. I understand that for some live in an emotional prison in the Free World, who wish for an escape, but don’t know how. I believe in each 1 teach 1 to either strengthen or build PEACE!

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