Lance Hein
Lance Hein # 01955
Jamison Prison Annex
P O Box 5911
Sioux Falls   SD   57117   USA
Hey so first of all my name and # is Lance Hein 01955 and am currently serving 7 1/2 years out of 20 for burglary and other crimes.

I am 34 years old and will have a parole date in 2028.

I grew up in Minnesota, I was always outside doing something from racing dirt bikes and snowmobiles to hunting. Now I'm sitting in prison because I decided to use drugs and get into trouble so I could fuel my habit.  But since coming back to prison I have learned patience and self-control when it comes to stupid people that I run into daily and also comes in handy when I do the beadwork I do. I work out six days a week with some buddies and while I sit in my cell I do a lot of bead work. The main thing I make is dream catchers but also make key chains, necklaces and medallions. I have a family that tries to sell the stuff when they have time and I also send a bunch of stuff to my family as gifts too.

While I'm in my cell beading, I like to listen to music or the TV. The music I like is Country, Rock, Rap and Classical Rock.  But I tend to listen to rap most of the time. When I'm outside not working out I like to hang out with some buddies or I like to be on the poker table playing cards.

So there it is, I'm not sure what else to write, so if you have any questions send me a letter or you can download the (connectnetwork) app and add me there to send me messages.

Hope you decide to write.

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