Moises Gurrola
Dear reader,

It's true what they say. "prison can either  make you, or break you," you either become a better man or worse, it's a choice, I chose to become better in every way possible. I took the time to look at myself and examine the deepest of my inner being and correct it. We know, everything comes from the inside-out.

I am blessed to be alive and breathing with another chance in life. Feels good to say that I'm a better man in every way.

During my incarceration I've accomplished a few things, which I'm proud of. I've received my GED, a vocational trade, taken classes in financial, stocks and trades, franchising, real estate, and have put together two business plans which I know will boom. But my best accomplishments would be my Bachelor's degree in "Divinity", a Masters in "Christian Ministry", and as you read, I"m working on my doctoral Degree in "Nouthetic Counseling" (Chrisitan counsel).

I've used my time wisely learning a bit of everything. I chose to apply it to my life, and become a businessman, and successful in everythng I do.

Now about myself, I"m loving, caring, giving, thoughtful, unselfish, romantic, gentle, adventurous, mind blowing, and know how to treat & spoil a woman.

I'm seeking a sincere friend with the same qualities and characteristics, who is honest and true. One who loves life, people and God. A friend in faith or willing to learn. There's nothing sexier than independent, strong-minded, mature women who knows what she wants in life and pursues it, excels and accomplishes her dreams and goals.

Sexier is a woman who takes care of her health, and exercises maintaining her figure. I work out myself, and my body speaks for itself, with fine definition which many compliment me on.

I love every culture, especially mixed races, that combination is beautiful, for some magical reason.

You can contact me through but you have to send me your address, or write through mail. A picture would be nice, to put a face to whom I write. Ages 25 and up.

Moises Gurrola # 01921119
Gib Lewis Unit
777 FM 3497
Woodville,TX 75990 USA
Aggravated Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-09-20
Ad Expiration:07-09-21