Ryan Brock
Hey ladys,

I thought I'd give this site a try because I'm moving to Santa Fe, NM when I get out and I'd like to make some new friends in and around that area. I use to live in Ruidoso for a few years and loved it. I'll be staying with my sister at first but it won't take me long to get on my feet and have my own place.

I'm a welder and plan to go straight to the oil field and do that for a few years until I have enough saved to start my own business.

Okay a little about me. I'm single, never married and no kids. I love the outdoors, camping, skiing, etc.… I'm very athletic and work out but I'm not into sports unless it's UFC. I love to cook, BBQ, and go out to eat and try new places. I'd also like to take some cooking classes to step up my cooking skills. I'm a non-smoker but very 420 friendly and nothing wrong with a a few beers either. I'm all about enjoying life and surround myself with good people that like to have fun.

If you're single, attractive, and no kids like me then I'd love to meet you and the two of us get to know each other. I'm looking for lasting friendship and no games. I've been gone for a while but this hard part is done and I'm ready to get out there and do some living.

So even if you're not exactly from NM I'd still like to hear from you too. I like to travel so you never know rite...

Thank you for taking the time to read all this and I truly hope to hear from you soon. Until then…

Respectfully yours,
Ryan Brock
Ryan Brock # 01918457
Huntsville Unit
815 12th Street 
Huntsville, TX 77348 USA
Women, Friends
Roman Catholic
Evading Arrest Tampering with Evidence
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