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Supreme Confidence
Dear ladies of my Quest to find loyalty from a woman who knows she’s a Queen as much as herself worth.  I’ve allowed myself on this website looking for someone who can help me see that life isn’t all bad and that loyalty and kind hearted people still exist in this world.  I would consider myself a king in it’s purest form.  A man that strongly believes in that everybody has a soul mate and in some cases a friend they’ve never met before.

A bit about me, I’m intelligent, strong-willed, God fearing, funny and ambitious on a whole nother level.  I love 2 read sex novels and vampire series, write poetry & music and perform at everything I do.  I’ve been told I’m the best!
J  I’m a man of ethic’s & politics.  I feel a person is to build a successful, strong and exemplary life.  A life that will stoutly resist the fiercest storms of adversity and temptation that must be framed on a few simple undeviating moral principles for of these principles are justice, rectitude, sincerity, and kindness.  Fear is a cage that many people tend 2 break free from, but when they do their eyes will reveal a new you.  I love meeting new people and I accept them as they come.  I’m 6 ft 1 inch. 150-160 weight, tattooed up respectfully and b/c many people including myself are misunderstood I’m a great listener and was bless 2 possess a strong pair of shoulders.  I believe life is what you make it.  I’m a strong believer of 2nd chances b/c not everyone gets it right the first time.  Well time is 2 be cherished w/ those who deserve it so I wanna thank you all for sharing a little of your time w/me.  I like my woman BBW or slim thick.  Just b/c I’m rich physically & mentally, I’ll never judge how you come b/c I’m sure 2gether we will become better!  BTW send me your address and a picture if you like, I have 2 warn you that I’m a man of standard moral, and honor so all reply’s may not get a response or the response you’re looking for.  But it’s the thought that counts.  Confident not lucky!

*The wrong people will bury you, when the right people will lead you 2 da promise land…I got desires!
With Love “King-Alvis!”

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