Anthony Soto
Anthony Soto # 01879494   
Stevenson Unit
1525 FM 766 
Cuero, TX 77954 USA
Hey Y'all,

How's everyone doing? I pray that all is well with you all as is with me and that everyone is living life to the fullest, taking it one day at a timeā€¦

So anyhow, I put together this here little demo for y'a;; to know a little something about myself, and to know what I'm about.

Off the top, I'm honest, open-minded, and a very willing person. I'm optimistic, confident, sincere, and heartily pure and straightforwardly, direct. I very much honor my word and character. My friends and family say that my sense of is sooo overwhelming. LOL!! What can I say, Imma Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac, and we Piscean's can be full of energy!!! :).

Anyhow, I'm 33 years old and in good shape. I enjoyed reading, writing and listening to music of all varieties. I mostly love listening to R&B, Bachata, and Reggae. Or when working out, I like listening to Hip-Hop and or Alternative/Punk Rock.

Also, I am a Latino mixed with three beautifully, sexy, and satisfying races: Mexican, Puerto Rican, and German. I also love dogs: Siberian Huskies in particular. They're my most favorite dogs in the whole wide world, and of amazing and beautiful animals.
Sacred Wiccan
Burglary of Habitation
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03/20/28 But I See Parole  Yearly
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