Tabatha Elliott
Tabatha Elliott # 01852169    
Crain Unit 
1401 State School Road     
Gatesville   TX   76599   USA
I am seeking friendships that are positive and fun. I’m looking forward to meeting new people that are charismatic, energetic, and down to earth. I have a great sense of humor and hope you can make me laugh. I have been in prison for 9 years now and have been very productive this entire time. I like to camp, ride motorcycles, watch movies, dance, swim, listen to music, cook all types of food, work with animals, exercise, and fix things. I like being outdoors and taking my kids places to do fun, exciting things. Also, I love to spend time at home with a good movie or a book. I am a family oriented person. With a kind caring heart. My car accident and this time in prison have changed my entire outlook on life and I never take any moment for granted. I learn as much as I can, whenI can and choose my friends wisely. If you would like to be a good positive friend to me, please write to me by Notice: If you write via JPay you must include your postal mailing address in the body of your letter or I will not be able to respond. I can receive emails but can only respond via postal mail. Can’t wait to get to know you.

Fight for you
Respect you
Include you
Encourage you
Need you
Delight you
Stand by you

Men, Friends
Manslaughter Failure to Stop & Render Aid, Tampering with Physical Evidence
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-19-21
Ad Expiration: 03-29-24