Katina Theus

I am seeking male and female pen pals to correspond with, however bicurious and lesbian females are what I seek also for FRIENDSHIP, as well as possible relationship and much-needed companionship.

I have made some mistakes in life that I have learned from and chose to use as a stepping stone to better myself and work towards an established, stable future.

I have an apprenticeship in culinary arts which means: I am more than capable of five-star wining and dining you from my own kitchen, along with creative desserts to be shared by two. I am also in the process of completing my degree in psychology and communications.

I enjoy traveling; Hawaii being one of my favorite spots (as seen in my pictures). My quiet rest and relaxation time at home is spent cuddled up in a blanket with a good book in front of a fireplace. I look forward to sharing that blanket with someone in the future.

I prefer honest, passionate, individuals who are serious about life. I am also considering relocating upon release so I seek to meet "new" friends nationwide. I am a serious, responsible, success driven individual; a dominant stud, yet kind. I have spent my life being an advocate for LGBT rights. One of my happiest moments is June 26; the passing of same-sex marriage. Prior to my incarceration I was a member of the Gay pride committee in the state of Oklahoma, as well as owned and operated a gay and lesbian club and customizing business. My most memorable Gay pride celebration was attending the San Francisco celebration for two weeks.

I am not a resident of Texas. I am only here paying my debt to society; which is why I seek to meet friends and companions nationwide. I look forward to relocating unless I find that someone special in Texas. I do not have children, but I do love kids. I have a soft spot in my heart for animals. I am especially drawn to educating and/or counseling teenaged children.

It is essential to state that I am colorblind and versatile. I find ALLLL! women to be beautiful and I welcome all race, creed and religion.

I look forward to establishing new friendships but please note that if snail mail (US Postal Services) is in the age of dinosaurs for you, but you still wish to communicate with me; feel free to write or email me through www.jpay.com by entering my name, Katina Cosette Theus and by TDCJ-ID #01758042. If you choose this method of correspondence, you must add your physical address in the email to me in order for me to write you back through the US postal services, due to me not having access to Internet. That convenience is only for you. Again, please include your return address.

I welcome all means of correspondence, please write.
Katina Theus # 01758042
1916 N Highway 36 Bypass
Gatesville, TX 76596 USA
Women, Men, Friends
African American
Possession of Cocaine
Eligible for Parole 11/2017
      Your always on my mind
Looking forward
to meeting you
Babyface with grown intentions
    A day in the park
Soaking up sun in Hawaii
Looking for a scubba snack
Meet me in Honolulu
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I witness him make History
Every King needs a Queen
The Untouchables
Serious and Sexy
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Gentleman looking for a lady
Loving living lesbian lifestyle
A Million dollar smile
Candle light dinner
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Ad Start: 04/13/17
Ad Expiration:07/13/18