Hello, I’m David Reece, age 38, height 5’8, weight 205 pounds.
I’m single and seeking to meet and connect with a single white female Pen-Pal for romance and relationship.

My hobbies are weightlifting, legal study, welding and boxing. I love to workout, stay up late, love talking and being the voice heard. I am a social man. I love music and people who are beautiful. I’m young at heart, but my soul is old and fragily brittle. So, I break up easily, but I stay together well. I am tough, but I am sensitive. I love to laugh, freedom, the rain and late nights. I have family in Texas and Arkansas and I grew up in both states.

I am about love, peace, happiness and cleanliness. I hate stress, dishonesty and arguments.

I fear God and his wrath, so I stay pretty faithful. That explains me being disloyal in any form. I make friends easily and fast and I keep in touch with people I admire or favor. I don't like to be a scare tactics. I am humble and I tend to stay true to one’s that are true to me. My family is about loyalty, respect, honor, but also love and peace.

If interested, please contact me at the address below. Please write to me by addressed envelope with your return address. Please do not send to me a J-Pay letter, because I will not be able to EMail you in return, without your address. Until then, may GOD BLESS you and I look forward in beginning a relationship with you.

(Please send photo)


David Reece # 01661947
Powledge Unit
1400 FM 3452
Palestine   TX   75803   USA
David Reece
African American
Penal Code 22.04
Release Date
Ad Start:  06-09-2022
Ad Expiration:  06-09-2023
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