James Mott
I'm glad that you've taken the time to check out my profile. 

I'm also excited to be making new friends and getting out of this box I've been trapped in for the past 10 years! Yes, the pun is intended.

Now that I have your attention let me tell you a little about myself. I'm serving an 80 year sentence for burglary of a habitation and tampering with government records. Fancy way of saying (making fake IDs). And I'm sure if you Google me you will find a long history of crime from drug use too burglaries. Not proud, just being honest about myself.

I'm a single straight White male. Not really looking for a relationship for some reason that usually, complicates things. I'm not against them either! If it's meant to be, it will be. Good friendships are hard to come by and the ones I do have, I cherish!

I consider myself a loyal person to all who know me. I love putting smiles on other people's faces. Don't let my profile photos fool you, I'm a very happy person! Although, I'm a happier person when I'm with family and friends in the "FREE WORLD"!

I'm into extreme sports, quad racing, cliff diving, Full Contact (MMA). I also enjoy all genre of music, reading good books and working with my hands.

I'm really looking to make new friendships/relationships. I'm not a biased person. Anyone is free to write all I ask is be truthful and honest about yourself with me! I will respond with a respectable letter.

I'm a great listener and although I can't fix your problems and you can't fix mine, we can move in the right direction for a solution. Communication is key, so write. I look forward to hearing from you!

James Mott # 01558971
Estelle Unit
264 FM 3478
Huntsville, TX 77320 USA
Burglary of a Habitation
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-11-18
Ad Expiration:01-11-20