Todd Feemster
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"Hello, my name is Todd Feemter and I am a straight, white male in my late 50's. I have been locked up in Texas (TDCJ) for a few minutes and most likely I'll be locked up for quite a few more.

I am interested in correstoiding only with women of any age or race who are not easily embarrassed (as in not for the the faint of heart but curious is great!) and want to have honest and frank discussions about all the messey but fun details of life.

If you are reading this ad then please check my info, my story is anything but simple and I am sure yours isn't either. Afterall, I am placing this ad to hear from women and to learn their viewpoint, but if your more interested in mine I am not shy aboutt expressing myself.

Please be aware that TDCJ has enacted strict rules about offender correspondence. No greeting cards of any kind, no colored or scented paper, no clippings and photo's are limited to 10 per envelope.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!
Todd Feemster # 01539283
Terrell/Ramsey 3
1300 FM 655  
Rosharon, TX 77583-8609 USA
Sexual Assault (50)
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-07-20
Ad Expiration:05-07-21