Antonio Freeman
I’m being judged for my charges? Since this might be the case for most individuals who come to my site. Please, at least see and know the truth of what you see, then what’s really going on. You have the (Internet), it’s in front of most of all the individuals I’m communicating with and with whom this information is going too. I’m relating this to my story, I’m about to tell you. Also, I’m showing you the connection of how this came about to tell you. The motives that were involved. The reason I was done the way I was done. From my convictions, prison time and sentencing. Go to, You will see my date of birth has been fabricated, showing 9-17-84: Also numerous of different jail I.D.# on every charge.
Also, you can see my legal ad and paperwork. To get a better understanding of what I’m telling you. Also keep in mind the face you are seeing compared to what I tell you I look like. This is essential to know and keep in mind.
Once you see the truth with your own eyes by looking this information up on the internet it’s 2 things that’s about to occur. Once you see the truth you gonna turn the other way, be quiet about it and not respond back?
Maybe because of beliefs, traditions, skin color, or our education is not the same. Whatever the case may be you are deciding not to respond back for that matter. On the flip side of that coin. You might be the one who says these people need to be held accountable. Once this decision is made from seeing the truth. I promise you, you will see how God uses one black boy. Whom no doubt was peculiar, very odd, with the odds against him, to show the world how unjust this system really is... Is it anyone out there that believes in honesty, truth, or compassion? To help a young man who lost everything, but with God, Hope, Trust & Faith, gained everything. I’m Antonio Freeman, I’m African American, from Longview, Texas (Pine Tree) Gregg County born and raised between Gladwater, Texas and Longview which is about 20 minutes apart from each other. East Texas.
I’m 36 years old, Leo. Birthday August 17, 1984. I’m light skinned, gold complexion, small nose with lips to match, no bald head, perfect goatee, no sideburns or cheek hair. Nor any spots to show hair been there. Black hair, stay fresh, taper fade, no tattoos on face, neck or front, no dark rings under eyes. I’m healthy, look healthy, brown eyes. Right eye is lazy, and my skin is smooth.
See: you’ll see the date of birth don’t match. Original record has been disposed of. Many crimes have been committed, to conceal errors made by Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Parole, and Gregg County. Also see Web-site, for legal bid and paperwork. Not only TDCJ, Gregg County refuse to correct my record, but have, through organized activity with help of mailroom and Robertson Unit Administration. To stop anyone from helping me are trying to get in contact with me.
I will write, no ifs, ands, or buts! I need you. The world to contact all authorities. Anyone. I consent that you show any and everyone what’s going on and what happened. Social media, etcs, News, NAACP. And please write to me . If I get a letter, I will write back.
You will see TDCJ charges and records don’t match county jails. Also, everything backwards to confuse you of what you really see.
It’s a blessing waiting for someone special who can see through the madness, hate, evil and unjust of this. Also, as you get to know me, you’ll see years of hard work and faith. But most of all with the help of God. I’m not perfect. I am a sinner. But, I’m still human and deserve to be loved and treated fairly.
See (Gregg County)
Then website for legal bid. Then see doesn't match. Write, I will write back.
Much love and respect.
Mr. Antonio Freeman #01512080

Antonio Freeman # 01512080
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