David Benitz Jr

I'm David, a single father of two amazing kids. I'm handsome, lonely and ready for someone to come into our lives. "PLEASE" don't judge this book for its"handsome good looks". Read a few chapters of my autobiography. I'm not perfect but who is. I've made bad decisions, learned the hard way. I'm no longer that thickheaded individual. I'm a wonderful father and a marvelous man. Seeking to add new chapters and a great future. Expecting to meet better friends or get lucky enough to find the "one" fragment my heart lacks to fulfill my destiny.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, or if tomorrow will come so it's best we cherish it.

I'm on parole violation so won't be long till home again. I'm a very fun adventurous man love to hike, fish, and camp. A father with full custody. I've worked extra hard to be the best parent for my children. I also like to read, write, draw, and work out build myself mentally and physically.

Hope you take your time to know the wonderful man I am. I'm here, but no different I hurt, bleed and breathe just like you. This ain't the life I want. Happiness, true love, a friendship, a family is what I want!!! If you could find the time to get to see what I'm about, you will see I'm well worth it.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this. Hope I can grasp your heart and attention… Don't be shy!!! I'm an open book waiting to be read, I have no secrets or game to run on no one. I'm a man not a boy. The problem is it's hard to find what's real when you're always finding the state if you have that problem get to know me.

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Burglary in 2007
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