David Benitz Jr
Attention:"STOP" don't touch nothing, don't move, and try "not to blink!! 

Okay since I got your attention now… Hi pleased to meet you I'm David a.k.a. "Lil'inky", single, cheerful and very charming father of two incredible teens.

At the moment I'm isolated from the world physically, but mentally getting ready for my extravagant release day back into civilization that's coming very soon!!! For I'm only on a parole violation… I'm not perfect who is? I hurt, cry, bleed and breathe just like you…

I'm in search of confident, unique friends, true companionship, and establishing a dynasty. I'm an amazing friend to have, a miraculous father, and an extraordinary man to be around. Time with me consist of lots of traveling, hiking, fishing and camping, but also "romantic evenings"or just a simple day that consist of a dinner and a movie, but always plenty fun filled times with lots of laughter, for a womans smile is my weakness…

By the way I'm very interracial what interests me is a woman's heart, mind, and soul, however what's not to like about a woman there beautiful eyes, sexy smile, delicate skin, pretty hands and feet, there cheerful sense of humor. A woman who can maintain a house and stay looking good. A woman who ain't to arrogant but confident about herself…

My favorite pastime is reading, writing, working out and drawing. I've also furthered my education in "HVAC-R" so upon my release I plan on going into business for myself… I am certified in multiple jobs, and heavy machine…

Hope I can grasp your attention in a stimulating way. Just know you ain't got to be perfect, you just got to be worth it…

Take care always smile and have a blessed day…

I'll be waiting at "Mail Call" !!!
David Benitz Jr # 01489473
Hughes Unit
Rt 2 Box 4400  
Gatesville, TX 76597 USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
Burglary in 2007
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-07-19
Ad Expiration:11-07-20