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"All there is for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing! "
George Floyd

I've been "illegially convicted regarding an " all white jury as well as  "all white "grand jury in the 46th judicial district court. This grand jury "structural error" for over 150 years has been established that the US Constitution prohibits a state from systematically excluding negroes from serving upon grand jury's that indict for a crime and petit juries that try the factual issue of the guilt or innocent of the accused. 

Strauder v. W. Virginia, 100 US 303 (1880). The conviction is VOID under the equal protection clause (14th amendment) if prosecutor deliberately charges defendant on account of his race.

Over the 13 years I've been "illegally convicted" I've developed in law studies to know grand jury discrimination is a valid ground for setting aside criminal convictions.
"I CAN'T BREATHE..."-George Floyd

At this present time, I'm trying to substantiate a prima facie case of discrimination in the selection of a grand jury. The first and third elements of the prima facie case have been met-African Americans are a distinct, cognizable class have been singled out for discrimination. The second element, that the degree of underrepresentation over a significant period of time, needs to be met in this case to warrant a VOID conviction.

Please feel free to assist me in this matter. Thank you.

Peace, love, harmony, at the pursuit of happiness be multiplied unto you.

"I CAN'T BREATHE..." -George Floyd

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