Joshua Lehrman # 01159812
Allred Unit
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Iowa Park   TX   76367   USA
Joshua Lehrman
I would like to begin this profile a little different than what would be your normal expectations. I am of the Christian faith, and I believe that my life as a Christian is about more than mere religion, but about love and a relationship with God. I have been in prison now for nearly 20 years and so I thought it only fitting that my profile be a “short” testimony of my life and what led this former lost soul to a life of hope. I have never done this, so please bear with me. Even as a small child my life was chaotic. I moved around a lot; I was beaten and abused by my father so often, I thought it was normal; and my mother disappeared from my life completely at the age of 11.  I dropped out of high school at 16 and turned to drugs and petty crime; and at the age 17 was sentenced to two years in prison for burglary and theft. Those two years would become the most horrifying and violent years of my life. There was a period in prison when I had to fight daily to defend myself and since I didn’t really know “how” to fight, the fights were merely beatings. I feared dying or being raped daily, and I often went to sleep at night wondering if I would make it out of prison alive, or with my so-called manhood intact. I was basically a kid trying to survive in a “Man’s” world. I was released at 19 years old; angry, mad at the world, and with a warped view of life. I turned to heavier drugs to numb the pain and anger, but only led me deeper into a life of violence. For months, off and on after my release, my life just continued to spiral out of control. I felt lost and hopeless in the world, and I was on a path of destruction. In March 2002, at the age of 21, I committed the horrible crimes for which I have been incarcerated all these years. High, and in a fit of rage I took out my pain and anger on an innocent friend who trusted me. I’m forever remorseful, and not a day goes by I don’t wish I could undo all of the pain I’ve caused. I could, and did however, make a decision when I came to prison years ago that I would not leave prison the same way I came in, and I would not allow this environment to dictate my life or choices. I decided to change…initially, the change was all about me, and what “I” could do to better myself. Over the years, I have earned college degrees, vocational trades, and taken many other classes and courses, and while they certainly made me a smarter and “better” man, they did not offer the change I needed most..a change of heart! This change of heart isn’t something that I could accomplish on my own, and I cannot pin-point a particular day or time that it came about; for as a Christian I came to understand that coming to believe is a process rather than an event. However, I can say that my heart truly began to change several years ago when I stopped focusing so much on myself and started focusing on my relationship with Christ, and He began to work the change within me. Now, because Christ loved me first. I’m more able and willing to let all that I do be done with love (I Cor. 16:14).

In closing, I’m not a “religious zealot”, and I don’t have it all figured out. I just know that my life would be purposeless and hopeless without God in it…Having said that, I’m very open-minded and I love to write. I also like writing poetry, reading and sometimes drawing; and I love all music and sports. I’m hoping to find a meaningful and lasting friendship with someone special. If you believe in the power of change, then I hope you will believe in me, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

God Bless you, Joshua.

Attempted Capital Murder
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