David Duncan
David Duncan # 0113708   
MCI  #3930
P O Box 169  
Hoffman, NC 28347 USA

My name is David T.Duncan (45), (4-7-72),(Aries) (5'11"), (195 lbs.) and I'm from Monroe, North Carolina.Here you'll find a kindred spirit with hopes this ad will catch her attention and will be inspired to respond.

I'm lonely, single and reaching out anyone with the intent of becoming a friend and maybe discover unique qualities in one another.

I've been incarcerated since 1995. My projected release date is April 18, 2024 unless the laws change and released earlier. :)Any charity you'll like to send me will be a blessing. Any donation can be sent via JPay.com.

I'm compassionate, spiritual, and attentive. I'm seeking male or female friendship. Nationality is not a factor. I'll like to explore and learn about new cultures. I also admire a curvy figured woman body type. Age? (Legally mature). Be honest, understanding and delicate.

I believe real friendship and its truest form is in the purest form of companionship. It's not about where or how we start, it's about where you end up. So please keep in mind that great men are made out not so great situations. Trusting & hoping to hear from you soon. Please send a photo with your letter or reply and I'll reply ASAP.

Thank you. Sincerely,
Mr. David T. Duncan
Women, Men Friends, Donations
African American
2nd° Murder Armed Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-12-18
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