Michael Smith
Michael Smith # 00A4365
Eastern Correctional Facility
Box 338
Napanoch   NY   12458   USA
By the time you receive my introductory truth, nothing, would please me more than for it have found you well and that better remains well within your reach.

My name is Michael.  And my overall intentions for wanting to meet, and one day perhaps greet a cool lady are honest, in the purest form.
I ask your pardon in regards to my penmanship, or lack there-of.  And in lieu of this, I will go that extra mile showing transparency.  Ask me whatever it is your heart desires and I will be forthcoming.

I am a man of 52 years upon this earth, as of June 11th I am. I’ve been incarcerated for 23 yrs. I’d want to actually cry, until I learned that no one was listening.  So I have never stopped doing battle with this legal iniquity.
I absolutely love music, to the point of being inspired to write songs.  I love poetry, so again I’m mostly always penning lyrics to no one in particular, but everyone in general.

I like to play basketball, but there are so many things I like to do.  If I can only meet someone to share them with.  I stand at 5’10 1/2” and have light brown eyes and is light complexioned. I have… (hang on!) this prison has been on lock down, owed partially to Covid 19 and that of violence.

So we aren’t able to take any photos.

What!!?  Roll with me on this, and you’ll see the sense I am trying to make.  And even better if you actually meet me, you will like me.  So get at me.

PS:  Also we have tablets and you can email me words, photos, videos (30 seconds) A JPay.5.com Michael Smith #00A4365

PS:  Remember to remember not to forget.  That when a person tells you who they are, believe them.  (Dr. Mya Angelou.)

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