Susan Hey
Hey! My name is Susan Hey, but you can also say  "Hey Susan-works both ways. :) 

I'm 61, Caucasian, 5'7", 160  lbs. I'm caring, honest, understanding and non-judgmental. I have 3 grown children- 2 are married and I have 1 grandchild, a few months old. I also have a sister in Canada, where I was born. My family loves me, visits and is very supportive.

I used to enjoy snow skiing (Canada) and water skiing, but I probably aged out of those. Now I look forward to swimming, hiking, traveling, badminton and backyard barbecues with friends and family.

I was trained here in prison to be a braille typist and I enjoy transcribing textbooks into braille for blind students and K-college.

I'm hoping to find someone who can add some pizzaz to those hours when I'm not working. Is that someone you? Perhaps you're looking for someone to share your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams with?

I'm a great listener and a captive audience. :) I will see parole in 2 years after completing 25 years 1/2 my sentence for murder I know that sounds pretty scary-ask any questions you like when you write to me, I would love to hear from someone who is upbeat, interesting, humorous and honest. Can you remove me from this place for a little while with your words… Maybe bring a smile to my face?

I've been surrounded by females for 23 years-hearing a man's perspective would be a refreshing change-but I welcome any and all responses. It's a big beautiful world out there… Let me hear from you-anywhere in the world.

(If you email me, you must include a mailing address as I don't have Internet access.)

I'm interested in all cultures and ideas, including yours. Despite life's  inevitable ups & downs, I remain positive and optimistic. After every dark night, a sunrise is guaranteed. It would be hard to say I'm glad I came to prison, but I am certainly glad for the spiritual, mental and emotional growth that has made me wiser and stronger.

Write me and let's explore what we have in common-maybe I can add something to your life too!

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