Clyde Cox

My name is Clyde Philip Cox, I'm 64 years young, 6 feet tall, and weigh in at a 200 pounds. I also lost my wife two years ago, so now I'm trying to get back to writing and talking to people.

Seeing as I doing a life sentence for 1st° murder, going on 26 years as of June 6th this year. I really don't know what all to say days. Here goes nothing :)!

Before I was locked up I enjoyed motorcycle riding, had my own motorcycle with full leathers & helmet. I would always go on weekend trips around the state of Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. If I was not right, I would be out somewhere camping and fishing as I had my own camper & boat too. I also enjoy fast cars and mainly anything that went fast I was always for it. The faster I could go the better it was for me. During the week I enjoyed bowling, I was in over 4 different leaks during the week. My average was 185, also left-handed which helps for being a bowler.

Now that I'm locked up, I do a lot of walking to keep up my health. Play handball now & then. Watch a lot of TV, more than I want but I'm limited as to what I can do. I do have a job where on busy from 6:15 till 2:00 pm Monday through Friday. I'm a clerk at work which helps the busy, as I work on the computer most of the day at work. There is too much, left to say. I am looking forward to getting mail from all of you, and will always be honest with whoever writes me.
Clyde Cox  # 0078330
Iowa State Penitentiary 
P O Box 316
Fort Madison, IA 52627 USA
Caucasian, Native American
1st° Murder
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
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Ad Expiration:12-29-18