Davodrique Abney # 00703765
LA State Penitentiary
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Angola, LA  70712   USA
Davodrique Abney
Greetings to the world’s population. (With smiling faces) which to be more of myself as the gentleman I was born to be. I would like to introduce myself to everyone. Further to those of the various of very many ones. Who are Prison Pen Pal customers, members, browsers and followers. My name is Davodrique J. Abney. Truly your one in a lifetime difference. A difference within a family member and friend, and even more of a difference as the gentleman of ones better half. Further, I’m from the USA. Born in Minden, LA and further down the line I was raised in Shreveport, LA. I’m a African American black male. I stand about 5’10”in height, and I weigh 151 pounds in weight to be exact. I have a medium built frame and I’m a mixture of medium Brown skin and Dark brown skin for my complexion. I have twinkle dark brown eyes, and I sport a low haircut wavy, wavy, wavy a silky jet-black soft gain of hair. Further I’m a very out-going Virgo. I’m a very down to earth person. I’m very respectful, loyal, honest, and I believe that trust is a must. I’m very open minded to even the smallest things, and very considerate to all living beings. A true family member and friend that one can always depend on. That listening ear and shoulder to lean on. No matter how difficult the situation may be or become to be so.

Which I truly cherish those who become to be true fiends and more. I’m very loving, caring, passionate, trustworthy, respectful, and Etc., Etc.. Further, as far as of my hobbies and places I would like to visit and travel to someday.  Here are various of listings which I like to spend time with my family and friends. I like dancing, singing, rapping, traveling the world, dreams to be an actor, mentoring Youth, hopes to visit Tokyo, Japan, helping others, horseback riding, racing cars, rock climbing, fishing, watching movies, running, community service, listening to music, bowling, stepping interested in fashion, eating out, investing, graphic designing, photography, interior design, paint, write music, write poetry, writing, and Etc., Etc..
Women, Men, Friends
African American
Armed Robbery
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