Darris Taylor
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My sincerest and deep pleadings accompany this ad

I ask please, that you take a look at my issue. I've been incarcerated now for 24 years. My conviction was obtained through the use of false evidence and false testimony. Known to be such by representatives of the state. My 5th and 14th amendment rights were clearly violated.

The fact that the jury was aprised of other grounds for believing that the witness may have had an interest in testifying against me, does not turn what is otherwise a tainted trial into a fair one.

I'm reaching out for legal help so that you can do your own independent examination of the record, of my constitutional deprivations.

My case was based on tacky circumstantial evidence and fabrication, to sympathetically win over the jury. I need help to file a petition. I now have newly discovered evidence. I'm reaching out for any kind of review, or referral. I have proof that I am a victim of railroad.

I thank you very much in advance for any help that you can give me.


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