Malcolm Gray
Malcolm Gray # 0048404   
P O Box 208
Indian Springs, NV 89018 USA
Thank you for taking a few moments to read this.

I love to learn new things and also defying stereotypes. I like to read non-fiction. The Discovery Channel and PBS are two of my favorite television channels. I'm very athletic and I love sports and I like being active outdoors. I really like dogs, German Shepherds are my favorite.

I received my bachelors degree at the end of 2010 but I'm still looking to further my education. I like writing poetry and I have had some of it published before. In the near future I hope to make a book of poems. I love the underdog and I hate bullies whether its a country, government, an institution or a person. I believe everyone deserves dignity and respect and that authority should be wielded with respect, honor, and truth. No one is perfect because we all make mistakes. Hopefully we learn from those mistakes and try not to repeat them.

I'm seeking a lasting friendship. Someone I can laugh with, joke with and open up to. True friends are a real blessing. Hopefully that is what I find here.

Please do not use stickers for the return address. They will be ripped off by the staff and I won't be able to write you back. Have a nice day.
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