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Peace be unto you!

If you find yourself reading this message then we already have a couple things in common. One being in our ability to remain open-minded and nonjudgmental. Two being our courage to take the initiative in the pursuit of our own happiness and not allowing ourselves to be frightened by the unknown.

I've joined this site as a last attempt to find a woman who is sincere and genuine in word and deed. These past years of incarceration has led me to begin doubting if there is a woman who can think past physical intimacy and embrace the benefits of mental and spiritual connection. More and more individuals have stopped believing in life long, unconditional love and choose to live in the moment satisfying their urges and desires sleeping with friends with benefits. No matter how much a person tries to convince theirself that casual sex is enough. I believe that there is nothing more pure and satisfying than "true love".

If by chance there is a woman out there that shares in this belief, feel free to respond to the name and address provided.

I pray for your success in this and other endeavors.
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