Robert Cummings
Sixty-nine -year-old carnivore seeking a free-spirited Medusa, and her three headed dog, Cerebus. (Past, present, future).

I, have rode, to and fro, under the sun. Dionysian lifestyle. Favorite movie:" Easy Riders". Favorite author: Nietzsche. Favorite existential moment: In the Mojave Desert, reclining on a sleeping bag, viewing the Milky Way at midnight. Have you ever pondered the Eternal Recurrence? If so, perhaps we have met before. Are you predisposed to an adventure? Either way I would like to hear from you.

Of a woman who is witty, has a sense of humor with the shade of light hearted malice. Most importantly, can you be your own self? If the answer is yes then I am most eager to hear from you.

Ahem, I have legal issues, so let's get it out. I have been confined nigh on thirteen years for 1st° assault, two counts. And, two counts of armed criminal action. I was convicted by jury trial for shooting two men in a Gentleman's Club; a euphemism  Den of iniquity. (I mean really, whatever could go wrong in such a place?) The judges tally was 40 years. Should be eligible for parole in 2021 but the parole board is wrongfully denying hearing until 2025. No, I am not taking that lying down. Which means I'll be filing legal instruments courts seeking redress; hence, keeping hopes and dreams alive.

Forsooth, I envision riding a motorcycle again; albeit, with a sidecar. If this appeals to you, then jump in navigator, and we'll partake in life's roadside attractions. One more thing: I like my eggs sunny side up.

Robert Cummings # 0009974
South Central Correctional Center
255 West  Highway 32
Licking, MO 65542 USA
Legal Help
Ancient Arcana
1st° Assault 2 Counts
Release Date
Eligible 2027, Being Contested
Ad Start: 02-01-18
Ad Expiration:02-01-19