Howard Rambo
Hello, my name is Howie.

I am 6’4”, I weigh 260 pounds and this is my first time ever being locked up.  I was going through a mid-life crisis between custody of my two kids.  Plus going through financial issues and doing everything on my own after being single in over 21 years.  I robbed 2 banks, and 1 gas station, and 7-eleven, dumb I know, and I won’t ever do that again, trust me next time I will work 2 jobs instead.

I am tall and medium build with the humor like Adam Sandler and I am very sarcastic too.  I love all kinds of music and I am a laid-back kind of guy who loves kids and dogs.  I can cook really good, I can landscape, build a deck, fix cars, drive a forklift, build your dreams with my two hands if I have to.  I am a big teddy bear and a sweetheart.  I am willing to relocate when I get out for the right person.

I am all alone in here with no family.  My Mom and Dad passed away, Dad when I was 12 and mom in 2018.  I am a open-minded and easy going and I don’t judge people as it is not my place to do so.  I hope to hear from someone with an awesome heart soon.  I am really a happy go lucky bubbly type of person.  I didn’t smile in the pics, but I am really a fun and upbeat type of person.  I promise you won’t regret writing me, hope to hear from someone soon.

God bless.

Howard Rambo # 000723949C
215 South Burlington Road
Bridgeton,  NJ   08302   USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
1st° Robbery  2nd Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-04-21
Ad Expiration:09-03-23