Louis Urcinoli
Louis Urcinoli # 000134995C
Northern State Prison
168 Frontage Road
Newark   NJ   07114   USA
Hi, my name is Louis. I’ve been away for a long time (1995) and perhaps I’ve become a little lonely and maybe its you that I’ve been looking for! Maybe we’ve been looking for each other. I’m incarcerated for a very serious crime.

I want to be up front about that and it’s something we can discuss as we get to know each other. It happened a long time ago, when I was a completely different person than I am today, as I have grown up considerably and emotionally. I’m currently in therapy and I think that I still have a lot of love in me and I would like to find the right woman to share it with. Is there a  woman out there who wants to share her love with me?

I enjoy the country music videos on CMT in the morning, schmaltzy movies and music, and I like the veterinarian programs on Nat. Geo Wild. I love and miss pets; especially cats which would bring me much solace. Hopefully, we will find other similar interests and grow quite nicely together. I’m a kind and gentle person, and my crime is not reflective of who I really am. I wasn’t well when it happened.

My picture (2008) is the newest I have, but I can send you a video gram. JPay email is the best way to contact me; go to www.jpay.com and enter Louis Urcinoli 000134995C and you can send a picture and video too! I’d love to meet you and see where things go. I’m not sure when I’m getting out, but hopefully it will be sooner as the laws have changed regarding youthful offenders. Whatever happens, I’m looking for someone that wants to stick around for a while. For now, I await….

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