Teddy Osceola
Greetings with love and respect !

I pray that all is well and hope that life is treating you like a star, but however your present mind state and day is rollin out to be, whether it's up for a lil' on the downside, I hope you'll be able to find something that we can relate to and convo-sate on as you slide through my letter and it's a pleasure to meet, and to be introducing myself to you…

Yo what's up. My name is Teddy Osceola, but I go by Teddy Miles. Ima Seminole Indian, born and raised in Florida. I'm 27 years old, 5'10", 256 lbs., Black hair, brown eyes, I'm tatted up from my feet up to my neck. I'm a graffiti and portrait artist, poet, and a royal architect of the sun. I'm studying philosophy, religion, and art history at the moment as a nondegree seeking student with Adams State University of Colorado. I'm still working through the GED and as soon as I complete that, I'll be enrolling with AES you as a degree seeker.

I've been down for 7 years, I got convicted for second-degree murder. I won't go to the into what happened right now, but it all revolved around money, drugs, and street politics but feel free to ask when you holla, and I'll lace you up on what transpired into 22 years, and to be honest I can't really say I'm mad at the outcome, because I learnt a lot throughout the years about myself and the life I use to live on my mind & my beliefs.

At this point in time of my life I've recognized where I stood with in my ideals and principles of the past and I've see how very shortsighted I was deep in the heat of the moment and not willing to comprehend and to grasp at the facts of the causes I created within the depths of my mind for the best of my situations, circumstances, and environments.

Earlier on at the start of my bid I felt this was the beginning of the end only to wake up and to recognize that this is only a step stone, a blessing in disguise to unfold my golden opportunity-a new beginning down the path of enlightenment and understanding as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he for the mind is one, the mind is all.

I know I believe I am the master of my fate. The captain of my soul-let those who hath a mind comprehend and understand and those who hath a heart to believe and to love…
Teddy  Osceola # Y46545
5850 East Milton Road
Milton, FL 32583 USA
Native American Seminole Indian
Siddha Yoga
2nd Degree Murder
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