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Sex - Female

DOB - 02/18/84

Seeking - Men, Friends

Race - Mixed

Religion - Christian

Convicted Of - Leaving Scene of Accident

Release Date - 2016

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"Seeking something Special"

Hello out there,
My name is Amber.
I'm in prison for the first time and am very alone and out of my element.
Sometimes I can't believe I'm here. I don't have any family out there so I'm earnestly seeking two different things.

First, I could use some friends out there, just to exchange letters and ideas.
I fit in foster homes most of my life and had an strongly hard childhood. Not trying to make excuses for my present situation. Just offering some kind of an exclamation.

I'd like to meet someone who may come up and visit me once in a while and buy me lunch in the visiting room. I'm a young woman who has made mistakes. I like to form some meaningful friendships.

Second, I need a decent man in my life. Someone who is sincere. I prefer an older gentleman. Someone over 40. I need someone to look beyond my past and care. ¦someone who will love me in spite of my mistakes. A man who will give strength and helping stay on the right track when I leave this place. Being that I don't have anyone, I have battled depression.

I'm making the best of this experience. I want one man to be my everything. I'm ready to settle down. I hope I'm lucky enough to meet someone special. I'm in need of passion and romance. Show me what love is. I won't play games with your head where your heart.

I will answer all the others. Thank you for caring enough to read this!

P.S. If possible please include stamps with your letter!

"A never ending sentence"
By Amber Jackson

As I sit in my room
I feel so alone
I cry out for help
But nobody knows
I tried to reach out
Without a reply
Truly all saw my face
But missed the tears in my eyes
The pain I feel
Is too much to bear
I look around for comfort
But nobody's there
Nowhere to turn to ¦
Inside the pain is
Now seems I'm serving
A never ending sentence

Amber Jackson # X-15530
P O Box 8100
Corona, CA 92878-8100 USA

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