Michael Rose
Dear friends

May all be blessed by their higher power/God. I'm enthused to be on this site to potentially meet new friends, business partners, prayer partners, mentors, and consultants.

I'm 36 and getting my life back on the right path. I graduated high school, took a few college courses. During this time I started to hustle music and drugs in the street, I'd given up on school (unfortunately) and the fast money, and lifestyle consumed, clouding my better judgment.

I'm currently 61/2 years into an 8 year sentence for conspiring to sell a half ounce of cocaine to a childhood friend, who used me as a get out of jail free card, due to his own criminal troubles. I'm making no excuses, I was wrong, drugs destroy families, and lives.

I'm dealing with my deepest sorrows and regrets. Life's been a continuing journey. I've been able to get a year deducted from my eight (8) year sentence for good behavior in completing many of programs to fulfill my treatment obligations (to reduce my chances to reoffend.)

Introductions to Windows 8, carpentry-Osha 10-30, violence reduction, tutoring GED students, smart recovery, Cisco system IT course, to name a few of the programs.

Upon my release I will enroll in school to take business management courses. I have a plethiora of business oriented ideas. God willing we get to know one another and exchange thoughts and ideas through correspondence and maybe go from there.

To a great future

So sincerely yours,
Michael Rose
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