John Hughes
Hello, my name is John. I am 57 years wise and from \Worcester, Massachusetts

I am a Scorpio who is ruled by the number one and the sun. I have done time in both Florida and Massachusetts for the crimes of breaking and entering & larceny. I am not a drug user or alcoholic.

I listen to a wide range of genres of music, to include oldies, classic rock and viking heavy metal. I have a knack for creating unique meals, and have graduated from a culinary course. I enjoy working with my hands and am gifted with being mechanically inclined.

My mom and dad set an amazing example of what it takes to have a successful loving relationship that last. They have been married for 71 years this past July. Wow!
I am the proud father of a successful 26-year-old son, whose mother passed away in 2010.

I am 5'11", with salt and pepper hair. I am a strong believer in knowing and studying my heritage, I am Irish.
I have a love and respect for all animals, but a special devotion to dogs, wolves and eagles.

My likes are Harleys, cars, the color black, women in pink, or pink and black. I love to laugh and have a good sense of humor.

I pride myself on my loyalty to those I hold in my heart, and I surround myself with people who are real. So, I am looking for responses from women who know who they are and what they want in life.

I have so much more to offer that I just couldn't get into this ad, so write me and you won't be disappointed. I am a giver and believe that you should treat others as you wish to be treated.
John Hughes  # W 97416 
P O Box 466
Gardner, MA 01440 USA
Ad Start: 09-29-16
Ad Expiration:09-29-17