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Sex - Male

DOB - 06/28/82

Seeking - Women, Friends, Legal Help

Race - Hispanic

Religion - Catholic

Convicted Of - Murder (Working on Appealing it)

Release Date - Life without Parole (Workingon Appealing it)

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Thank you for logging into this website but thank you even more, for taking a quick minute out of your personal time to read this profile. I'll try my hardest effort into expressing you my gratitude through humor, and good old-fashion entertainment. :)

For starters, allow me to introduce myself to ya here-name's "Christian", but most of my family & friends like to call me "Chris"-short for Christian, obviously. Okay, now that we got the whole name thing out of the way… Why don't we now kill your curiosity, by simply letting ya know the whole age thing-shall we?

Well, hopefully I'm neither too young or too old for ya here, but if ya must know— drum-roll please… I'm 33 years old. Oh, and yes-a proud 80's baby indeed I am! As a matter of fact, I like to think that some of the greater music, movies, and TV sitcoms-shows ever created, were in the 80s, of course. You yourself might not personally agree-to what some might call "a matter of opinion"—which to some degree I can also understand… But the fact of the matter here is, I can do, or say as I want here, because it's my profile that I'm writing-not YOURS! :) Boy, did I sound like a spoiled brat kid there, or what?

Now, before I continue on here… As a man who prides himself under sincere moral-integrity-it is a must, that I also that you know of my unfortunate circumstance, which is-I am a man who MIGHT never POSSILBY see the light of day, due to a prison life sentence I'm now presently serving. I am terribly sorry if in any way, shape, or form, I have disappointed you, or mislead ya.


Christian Almonte # W-94282
MCI - Cedar Junction
P O Box 100
S Walpole, MA 02071 USA

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