Stephanie Jackson
Greetings to you,

Thank you for clicking on to my world of treasures! In hopes to build a long-lasting friendship. You will find that I am a very honest woman, who will never pretend to be somebody that I am not, or play with your intelligence by offering you a dream I cannot fulfill. All I have is my honesty, the friendship, loyalty, and a beautiful woman inside and out.

Yes, I was sentenced to a life sentence 20 years ago, yet, I am due to be released soon. My incarceration may frighten you, and may even discourage you and furthering a correspondence with me. I can say this… If you allow me to be a part of your world, I will become a very special friend in your life.

Prison is not my final destination. My sentence does not define the beautiful woman that I am. I am in search of someone who is an honest person, nonjudgmental, open-minded, funny with a good sense of humor, and good communication skills. Someone who is not only a good listener, but someone who can give good, and honest advice.

Although I have been out of touch with my freedom for some time now, I do enjoy a nice picture of snowmelt or a family photo.

My motivation is in the positive aspects of life, in my negative surrounding. So please… Make me smile today!
Stephanie Jackson  # W-75695
CCWF 511-20-1 Low
P O  Box 1508
Chowchilla, CA 93610-1508  USA

African American, Native American
2nd ° Murder
Undetermined Board Soon Serving a Life Sentence
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