Danny  Antone
Greetings and blessings to you my friend.

My name is Danny Antone, a very vibrant and fit light-skinned African-American. Born in the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts. I believe in all the traditional Christian values as I enjoy reading my Bible and attending church and listening to Christian, Jazz and Old School music. However, full disclosure, I have made many mistakes in life including the reasons why I am presently incarcerated. (for selling drugs). I believe I have a changed mind, attitude and behavior.

I am seeking positive conversations with like-minded females who are forgiving and willing to see past the mistake of a man's past and give a man a chance who shows himself that he is a changed man.

I am hard-working, determined and committed to build a successful community business. I have no problem with wearing a hard hat or a suit. I have done both.

I enjoy quiet dinners, theater, a good movie and spending quality intimate time with that special female partner.

News flash!, I am rare in that I have never married and I have children. I do love children as I have many nieces and nephews and godchildren. I neither drink, do drugs or smoke cigarettes. I am ready to respond to all responses regardless of nationality or race. I look forward to meeting you. Date of parole August 2018.
Danny  Antone # W100599 
Boston Pre-Release Center
430 Canterbury Street
Roslindale, MA 02131 USA
African American
Christian Protestant
Trafficking Cocaine
Release Date
Parole 08/2018
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