David  Safide Cauthen Jr
King  "David " Supreme

Humble greetings from a barefoot doctor specializing in arts & craft of methodology. I appear before your royal court announcing that a sun has been born from the confines of a modern day plantation-pleading love-truth-peace-freedom & justice for all.

I'm a birdwatcher with aspirations of traveling all four corners of mother Earth to find & photograph the secretary bird. Would you be my role model?

Time has treated me to knowledge & wisdom = understanding of thyself. So it has become my life mission to be surrounded by like-minds serving humanity. Solely for the sake of serving. Our world is in despair and our universe is in jeopardy of being no more. Children go hungry for the neglect of their countrymen-mother's cry bloodied murder streets at the feel of their slain babies. Who is to defend the cause of the meek?

Let I-&_U come together in this holy match and design the perfect alchemic solution to man-womankinds problems. Yes, even I the dreadlocked man child entangled within the iron web of prison wire. I am to salvageable & capable of singing a redemption song. U-&-I are the defenders of the meek, the repairers of the life tree and the creators of anew. I beg of you to deprive yourself of greatness no longer. Acompany a seeker (me) on his journey and experience all that the inner workings have to offer.


Your soulman

F.N. I seek out there is willing to commit to offerings of letters, telephone calls and visitations. #Three-K-David-2016
David  Safide Cauthen JR # V92805 
KVSP C5-223
P O Box 5103
Delano, CA 93216 USA
Women, Men, Friend
Human Being
2nd° Armed Robbery
Ad Start: 09-29-16
Ad Expiration:09-29-17