Type of ad - Personal | Gold Star

Ad Start Date 11-25-15 Ad Expiration Date 11-25-17

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Sex - Male

DOB - 05/23/75

Seeking - Women, Friends

Race - Caucasian

Religion -

Convicted Of - Robbery

Release Date - 2037

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I've heard it said that the road to change always starts with that first step.

For me it sometimes seems like all I've done is make mistakes & yet the one good thing I've taken away is, that no matter how many times I've fallen I've always got back up. I do believe in change & the evolution of self & I refuse to let these walls define me & I refuse to let my past define my future

So in writing this ad, I'm reaching out in hopes that someone reading this will take a chance and allow me a chance at friendship. I don't have a lot of flashy words & I won't lie to try & make myself look better. What I can give this honesty & realness. A true friendship, someone to talk with & I will always give 100% free deception.

I do love music & books as they provide my mind with a sense of freedom. Laughter/humor is big for me & honesty I think comedy can heal almost all of life's sorrows. I'm not that good at this ad stuff but I do promise to answer all questions asked & really hoping writing this that I could find someone to share conversations with.

I've learned the hard way that no one can do it all alone. So if you are reading this & are open to a friendship then I'd be glad to hear from you via snail mail, can't receive e-mails. Either way thanks for your time.

Anthony Leib # V-54918
Kern Valley State Prison
P O Box 5103
Delano, CA 93216 USA
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