Esau Redix

It's not like I can personally introduce myself to you in a much more proper manner at this time so thank you for viewing my page. Other than that, what's up wit you? What's UR name & how have UR day been so far? I'm not sure of what UR looking for or if I got what it takes to be on UR team so tell me Ms. how can I get to know you?

I'm 6'5" & is from south-central Los Angeles but on another note I'm tryna know if you don't mind letting me keep you company. It's not easy meeting somebody you can really trust so I guess that explains why it's so many single good women out there.

It's nothin like having a friend that's like family. A lot of dudes don't want to admit it but the truth is we need ya'll & it's hard with out ya'll. Yeah I'm not ashamed to say I need a woman in my corner & by my side. I feel unbalanced, un-complete & out of element with a woman's comfort & companionship but don't get it twisted I'm tryna comfort, support and uplift you too. I'm tryna be in UR corner & by UR side too as a man & I believe we can make it if we try so if UR willing to give me a try I hope to hear from you soon. But before I go I want you to know that a woman is supposed to have a vision & a man is supposed to be able to see her vision… If he can't he's in the way. Take care
Yours truly,
Mr. Redix
Esau Redix # V-04873
P O  Box 290066
Represa, CA 95671 USA
Women, Friends, Legal Help
African American
Attempt Murder
On Appeal Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 05-18-16
Ad Expiration:05-18-18