Jose Altamirano

Thank you for reading this ad. I appreciate your time and patience because of this I will get going.

My name is José, I'm 33 and according to my mother I'm good-looking :). I'm looking for a lady friend who I could correspond with by an old form of communication… Letter writing. Please do not stop reading. I understand that nowadays everyone is texting, emailing and face talking. I apologize for not being able to get with the program. I am in prison tho.

I promise that I won't disappoint you, when I get out, which is soon, then we could do all the texting, emailing and face talk you want. As a bonus, Ima take you out on a walk underneath the moonlight by the ocean sea shore. It will be the night cap to a beautiful night out where we go to a good restaurant, followed by the club where I show you my moves and you show me yours. Imagine walking holding hands, and every now and then we stop to kiss…

I've been looking forward to doing this and more with my life partner that I haven't found. It is said that God created an equal partner for all to hold and to love… Well where is mine? I am now ready for that next step in my life. Especially since I'll be getting out soon.

I read a book by Nicholas Sparks which touched me profoundly… "Message in a bottle". Even though I never mourned in such a way over a loss of a spouse, I hope to one day get to love someone so deep, where it would seem meaningless to go on without.

This is my message in a bottle… I hope you read it… And reply to it.

Jose Altamirano # T-37003
CVSP-B3-17-2 Low
P O Box 2349
Blythe, CA 92226 USA
Women, Friends
Assault with Firearm on Police Officier
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-08-16
Ad Expiration:12-08-18