Blake May
Far from perfect, single never married man. 

I am 5'11", 180  lbs., slim with a muscular build. I have a full head of wavy black hair, dark brown eyes and usually I'm pretty clean cut.

Searching for a pen pal or friend to share thoughts, laughs, dreams as well as failures and sometimes tears with.

I've been away 4 years and I have 1 year remaining. In no way am I afraid to admit I'm a little lonely and heartbroken, also in desperate need of someone to make me smile again.

I am an amazing listener, optimistic, assertive, patient, empathetic, honest, self-confident, respectful, laid-back, open-minded, outgoing, good at solving problems, loyal and genuine.

My interest include sports, particularly basketball and football. Favorite teams are the Oklahoma City Thunder and Pittsburgh Steelers. I enjoy jogging, working out, traveling, fashion, music of all kinds, reading, writing, art. I can't draw it all. (Smile). I enjoy learning anything I don't know but might be interested in.

As mentioned I have a remaining year and I'm looking for someone to confide in. Who knows what can happen? I am excited about my reentry into society and positive that I will not return…

If you share any of these traits or are interested in a free-spirited but young cage man, for a real, sincere and loyal friend. I'd love to hear from you. I will answer openly & honestly. God bless those who have read this. I really look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your time and God bless.
Blake May
Blake May # S03049
Lincoln Correctional Center
P O Box 549
Lincoln, IL 62656 USA
Women, Friends
African American
Manufacturer, Delivery of Controlled Substance
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-21-17
Ad Expiration:12-21-18