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Sex - Male

DOB - 05/18/85

Seeking - Women

Race - African American

Religion -

Convicted Of - Drugs Delivery

Release Date - 02/25/25

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First & Foremost I truly appreciate your time and the possibility of meeting you.

To inform you a little about myself, I'll begin by admitting yes I've made some bad decisions, therefore I'm not perfect but I've learned from my mistakes and have become a better man. I'm hoping you won't judge me by my past, and see more the man I am today.

I'm quite laid-back for the most part I just go with the flow. Other than that, I'm honest with myself as well as others and I just like to enjoy life

I've been incarcerated for almost 6 years and I have a little over eight years left. I've been focusing on bettering myself, making this time count in which I've taken an accounting class, as well as small business management. During my free time I like doing anything that's going to help me grow physically, mentally. I have goals in life but my ultimate goal is to be happy and successful.

Well, I just want to unfold a little about myself "break the ice: so to speak.

I'm hoping to get feedback and the opportunity for someone special to present them self. I'm looking to meet a nice woman, with a good heart and an open mind, someone with the same hopes I have turning this obstacle into an opportunity.

Hope to hear from you soon

Marlin Goodwin # S 01493
Danville Correctional Center
3820 E Main Street
Danville, IL 61834 USA
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